Free Beat Ep by MorShabazz Titled : Not Musically Correct Vol.1 !!!!

Whats Good PPl if you dont alrady know me Im MorShabazz A SuperProducer Out of Boston. I put together a Free beat tape for all you Serious artist Titled "Not Musically Correct Vol.1" That drops birthday DEC22 on my Birthday . This tape is to inspire the most creative minds. The title symbolizes free creativity and the need not to conform to anything but to explore your full potential and to expanding it. If you like exploring your deep creativity this is for you giving you customized sounds that leaves you in a mental trance also delivering hard hitting drums with fat bass :) enjoy my gift to you and remember #MusicsOurReligion!ps. #Like #Comment #Share Aslso Shout out Jimi Kendrix who onced produced for tupac and Buckwild producer of black rob's like whow, with the advice.


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