10 Secrets for dropping new music ✨🎶 🔴

10 Secrets for dropping new music ✨🎶 🔴

  1. 🔴make sure ppl know its out after pre release promo, change banners saying out now post links and make cover art your profile picture

  2. 🔴join reddit ‘listen to this’ ‘we are the music makers’ ‘indieheads’

  3. 🔴Submit music to press blogs, radio, spotify playlist curators, podcast also go to submit hub

  4. 🔴upgrade your distrokid to Musician Plus then submit to spotify playlist 1 month prior to release with a description of the track selected

  5. 🔴social media advertising create promo video with text of press ex.[Out on all platforms!]

  6. 🔴hit up your maling list - host contest - do giveaways

  7. 🔴radio play

  8. 🔴play it live or go on live

  9. 🔴dm followers

  10. 🔴dm youtube and instagram links to influencers and tutorial pages

- 📝📩 If you have any other tips to add drop them in the comment box 📦⤵️

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